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About Us

Below is an overview of organisations relevant to the E-learning 'Multi-Organ Donor Procurement Surgery'

The owners of the E-learning are:

  • NTS (Dutch Transplant Foundation, the Netherlands)
  • LUMC (Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands)
  • UMCG (University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands)

With regard to this E-learning, the NTS acts on behalf of the LUMC and UMCG.

Other organisations involved:

  • ESOT (European Society for Organ Transplantation)
  • UEMS (European Union Medical Specialists)
  • IT4Hire BV (IT company)

A number of organisations and individuals made specific contributions to this E-learning:

  • The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, provided financial support to develop the E-Learning;
  • Within the EU ACCORD Joint Action in the framework of the Health Program 2008-2013, co-funding has been received to extend some features of the E-learning for international usage.
  • With kind permission of Springer, some photographs were copied from the book: Baranski, A.G. (2009). Surgical Technique of the Abdominal Organ Procurement: Step by Step. Berlin: Springer Verlag. ISBN: 978-1-84800-250-0
  • With kind permission of the Radboud University Hospital Nijmegen (the Netherlands), the transplant coordinator and nursing team, visualization of procurement surgeries was made possible.

The following individuals have contributed to this E-learning:

  • Course production: Paul Gobée, Andrzej Baranski and Sijbrand Hofker.
  • Artist-works and voice-over: Ron Slagter, Bas Blankevoort, James van Bastelaar.
  • Course arrangements and IT: Jeannette de Graauw, Paul Gobée, Daniël Jansma, Bryan de Nijs and Erik Vriend.