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The Clinical Anatomical Skills (CASK) E-learning ‘Multi-Organ Donor Procurement surgery’ is developed for surgeons who are interested in abdominal organ procurement and transplantation surgery. Within the Netherlands this E-learning is part of mandatory training trajectory to qualify as an explant surgeon. The Dutch trajectory comprises three training and certification modules: E-learning, training-on-the-job and a Masterclass.

Picture of an organ box

Upon completion of the E-learning, the surgeon:

  • will have a complete understanding of the preparation, procurement and aftercare phase of abdominal multi-organ donor procurement surgery;
  • knows the correct steps for retrieval of the kidney, liver and pancreas considering several anatomical variations;
  • knows how to cooperate with the team with the appropriate attitude and behavioural skills.

The E-learning comprises twelve chapters.

Each chapter:
  • discusses a main aspect or part of the procedure;
  • is divided into several sections, each dealing with a specific sub-topic. These sections may be subdivided into several steps or screens, depending on the extent of the topic;
  • can be studied separately and at different time points. The program ‘naturally’ follows a sequential routing according to the sequence of the procedure and favours completion of all steps and interactive exercises to allow continuation, but free navigation is possible too;
  • includes interactive exercises with relevant questions that have to be answered to allow continuation (unless deliberate navigation to other steps) and completion;
  • is supported by visualization of the surgery using drawings, photographs and video-clips with voice-over (English).
  • provides extensive feedback to the trainee.

It will take approximately 4 hours to successfully complete the E-learning.

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