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As a center of medical innovations the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) strives towards an (inter)nationally recognized leading role in the improvement of quality of health care.

Core business of the LUMC is patient care, research, education and training. The organisation offers courses of instruction and continuing education to train physicians for this purpose. The LUMC focuses on top clinical and highly specialised care: the complex medical issues for which there are often not yet any answers. With patient care and research labs in one building, patients, physicians and researchers collaborate to develop new treatment methods.

The LUMC creates a range of medical E-learning applications. The MOD training course is based on the in-house developed CASK technology at the LUMC.

The initiator of the course was A.G. Baranski, senior transplant surgeon.
Course content was provided by A.G. Baranski and O.P. Gobée, senior lecturer of anatomy.
The course was produced by O.P. Gobée.
Artist-works were performed by R. Slagter and S.B. Blankevoort, medical artists.
The course was later expanded in corporation with the NTS and the company IT4Hire.

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